Here’s how you set a reminder:
  1. You’ll see the reminder displayed in the centre of the screen (e.g. ‘Sit Up Straight’).  If you want to change to a different habit, just swipe to the left.  The app comes pre-loaded with 3 habits but if you unlock the app (go to settings in top-right), you will be able to swipe to ‘Add New’ and enter any kind of habit you want.
  2. Next, set how often you want Elephant to send you reminders.  You’ll see a blue dot – just tap your finger on it and drag the dot around the grey circle to set the frequency.
  3. You won’t always want Elephant to send reminders constantly so use the start/stop times below the circle to choose which times you want to set.  The left-hand time is the start time, and the one on the right is the stop time.  Just swipe up or down on the hour/min to change them.
  4. The top-right on/off switch should toggle with a simple tap.
  5. Please note that the app will only start sending reminders once you’ve closed the app, and also you must allow notifications in your Settings.