Elephant is an innovative new app for Apple Watch and iPhone that could hold the key to successful habit building. It is a powerful but beautifully simple habit-reminding app that gently encourages users to practice any desired habit repeatedly throughout the day. Decades of psychological research consistently show that mere repetition of a desired new behaviour in certain situations leads, through associative learning, to habit forming. Put simply, do it and repeat it until it becomes second nature.

Simple yet effective, users tell Elephant the new habit they’d like to maintain, choose how often they’d like to be reminded to do it each day and then go about their usual routine.

Suitable for use at home, in the office and on the go, Elephant sends subtle randomly timed visual cues or vibrations to person’s phone or smart watch. The app reminds users to practice the habit they want to set in stone, cutting through the noise of a busy day, procrastination attempts or dwindling inspiration to help cement the desired change.