What is Elephant App?

Elephant is an innovative new app for Apple Watch and iPhone that could hold the key to successful habit building. It is a powerful but beautifully simple habit-reminding app that gently encourages users to practice any desired habit repeatedly throughout the day. Decades of psychological research consistently show that mere repetition of a desired new behaviour in certain situations leads, through associative learning, to habit forming. Put simply, do it and repeat it until it becomes second nature.

Simple yet effective, users tell Elephant the new habit they’d like to maintain, choose how often they’d like to be reminded to do it each day and then go about their usual routine.

Suitable for use at home, in the office and on the go, Elephant sends subtle randomly timed visual cues or vibrations to person’s phone or smart watch. The app reminds users to practice the habit they want to set in stone, cutting through the noise of a busy day, procrastination attempts or dwindling inspiration to help cement the desired change.

Where can I get Elephant App?

Elephant App is available for Android or iOS.

To download the app from iTunes, visit:

To download the app from Google Play, visit:

How Do I Set a Reminder?
Here’s how you set a reminder:
  1. You’ll see the reminder displayed in the centre of the screen (e.g. ‘Sit Up Straight’).  If you want to change to a different habit, just swipe to the left.  The app comes pre-loaded with 3 habits but if you unlock the app (go to settings in top-right), you will be able to swipe to ‘Add New’ and enter any kind of habit you want.
  2. Next, set how often you want Elephant to send you reminders.  You’ll see a blue dot – just tap your finger on it and drag the dot around the grey circle to set the frequency.
  3. You won’t always want Elephant to send reminders constantly so use the start/stop times below the circle to choose which times you want to set.  The left-hand time is the start time, and the one on the right is the stop time.  Just swipe up or down on the hour/min to change them.
  4. The top-right on/off switch should toggle with a simple tap.
  5. Please note that the app will only start sending reminders once you’ve closed the app, and also you must allow notifications in your Settings.
What kind of habits can I build with Elephant App?

Elephant App is perfect for anyone who wants to create the kind of healthy habits that take repetition.  And then some more repetition.  And then even more!  If you use Elephant App, you’ll soon have practiced your healthy habit so many times it become second nature.  Here are some of the habits our community are using Elephant App for…

Mindfulness – remind yourself to focus on the ‘now’ throughout your day.

Drinking more water

Practicing gratitude

Sitting up straight

Relaxing your body

Regular prayer

Positive Affirmations – send your affirmation to your phone or watch throughout the day!

Moving around more – great for while you’re at your desk at work.

Relaxing your shoulders

Active Listening

And many more…!


I don’t want to pay to unlock the app – how can I get more reminders?

Easily, that’s how!

Download Elephant App and go to Settings (by tapping the cog icon in the top-right corner of the screen).

Select Refer a Friend and click ‘Okay!’

Choose how you want to send an invite to your friend – you can send an SMS, an email, a Facebook link… you name it!  Just click which method you want to choose and we’ll do the rest.

If your friend clicks on the link and installs the app, you’ll automatically be credited with an extra 5 reminders, taking your total up to 15!  We’ll even unlock the Shuffle feature too!

Can I use Elephant App with my Smartwatch?

Yes!  We’ve designed Elephant App to work with Apple Watch or Google Wear.

When you install Elephant on your phone or tablet, the app should automatically be installed on your watch.

Functionally, Elephant for smartwatches is designed to help you control the app quickly and easily.  Here’s how it works:

  1. On your Smartwatch, tap the icon to open the Elephant App.
  2. Tap the Elephant icon to access the menu.
  3. On the menu, choose what you want to do – either turn the app on or off, or select which reminder you want notifications sending for.
Do I Need to Pay for Elephant App?

No!  The free version of Elephant App comes with three of the most common healthy habits pre-installed, and ability to have up to 10 reminders (15 if you invite a friend to download the app) included.

However, if you want to be able to add any reminder of your choice, you must unlock all functionality  – including up to 60 reminders a day and the ability to have multiple reminders sent with our Shuffle feature – all for a one-off payment.
We have set the payment at the least amount possible in order to make the app as useful/available as possible while hopefully covering our development costs.



My app’s not sending reminders. What can I do?
Oh dear – sometimes it’s because a setting is wrongly configured or occasionally it’s because you’ve stumbled upon a bug (in which case email us at and we’ll jump on it!).
Here are some checks you can do to make sure you’re all set up correctly…
1)  When the app first installs and you open it, it asks you to allow notifications.  If you didn’t allow this then you can go into Settings > Notifications > Allow Settings.
2) Check the app is turned ‘On’ by looking at the top-left corner of the screen.  Next, check your start/stop times are set for now as you won’t be sent reminders if the current time is outside of your start/stop times.
3)  Notifications will ONLY be sent to your phone or watch when the app is closed and/or your phone is locked.  So use the phone app to choose your new habit and settings, and then press the phone’s home button to close the app and lock your phone.  Reminders will now be sent.

4) If you are using Android devices, and you’ve done the above and still aren’t receiving Reminders, then this may be due to the Battery Saver on some phone models – such as Samsung – cancelling notifications to save Battery.  To enable Elephant to keep setting reminders go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored Apps and add Elephant to the list.  This may vary on different devices or different version of Android.  Elephant will only have a very minor impact on the battery life of a device so enabling this will not drain your battery.

Please note that when an Android phone is turned off or runs out of battery all planned notifications are cleared so you will have to just open Elephant again and the notifications will be set for the current reminder.
5)  If you’re using Elephant App with your Smartwatch, and reminders aren’t being sent, check if the watch app been installed.  This should happen automatically when you first install the app to your phone and open the app.  If it has installed, you’ll see a small white circle with the Elephant App logo inside it.  Tap on it and it should sync with the phone app (ensure bluetooth is switched on).   If it hasn’t installed on your watch, then go to the iPhone Watch app > Elephant > and select ‘Show App on Apple Watch’.
I’ve found a bug – who do I contact?

We’re constantly working to improve Elephant App so if you do find a bug please contact us at, including the following information and we’ll jump on it ASAP:

  1. A brief description of the bug.
  2. Whether you’re using iOS or Android.
  3. What device and model you’re using (e.g. iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7)