Creating new habits is difficult

Which is why we’ve made Elephant habits.


Elephant is the free app that helps you practice new habits by sending you gentle randomly timed reminders throughout your day. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness, good posture, gratitude or remembering to drink more water, simply decide which habit you want to form, how often you want reminding to practice it, and let Elephant gently nudge you in the right direction.


With vibrations and visual reminders sent to your smartwatch or phone, Elephant App makes sure you’ll never forget.

Elephant is…


Whether it’s being mindful, drinking more water or remembering to leave your desk during the day, mastering a new behaviour takes time and practice. But when we get caught up in life, we simply forget. Ele-phant sends you gentle reminders throughout the day.


Elephant is designed to be simple, beautiful and effective. Just open the app, pick a new behaviour you want to integrate into your life and choose how often you want Ele-phant to nudge you each day.


Elephant comes pre-packed with the most common habits already included, so you can start changing your life straight away.  Want to add your own custom habits?  Then unlock the app with a one-off in-app purchase.  Any reminder, anywhere, any time.

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Why Elephant Works

Behavioural Psychologists have found that in order to successfully build a new habit, you need to regularly practice “The 3 Rs”:

  1. Remind (find a way to alert you to practice the behaviour)
  2. Repeat (carry out the new habit until it become second nature)
  3. Reward (reap the benefits of doing the behaviour)


Elephant takes care of steps 1 and 2 so you can enjoy step 3.



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